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A D'oh! Announcement

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 19, 2012, 11:27 PM
Ok, I know I said I be doing Teen Titans stuff but as my journal title shows that will not be the case. Thanks to me getting the 14th season of The Simpsons in the mail (mostly got it cause it has a Sideshow Bob ep in it and if you've seen my favorites the last few hours you will know that I am a big time Sideshow Bob and Cecil -Bob's brother for those who don't know- Terwilliger fangirl) I am in a big Simpsons mood which means there will be a fan-fic series dealing with the series (and yes Sideshow Bob will be in it quite a bit, come on the series is more fun when he's there) and pics that some awesome people and artists on here did for me (thanks again and in advance for those that are making me pics dealing with it) featuring my ocs and other chars from the show. Now not sure if it will be via a pic I requested or by myself (if I somehow can as I am still unfortunately lacking the art supplies -for traditional- and tablet -for digital- I need) but I will also at some point be putting up bios of my Simpsons ocs so make sure to check back regularly to see what might be up and I will be trying to at least get up some of the other pics I had requested and received as well as those Klarion and Silent Hill motivational/de-motivational pics. For the heck of it I'll also toss in some Simpsons ones if I can think of any and will be putting pic versions of my some Simpsons top ten lists that I have made as well as photos of Simpsons (mostly Sideshow Bob) stuff I get or own.

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  • Playing: Lego Batman 2 and Rocket Power: Zero Gravity Zone
  • Eating: Junk food
  • Drinking: Water mixed with Crystal Light, fruit juice & soda
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