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Please check out my work and the works others have done for me in their respected folders. Like what you see? Then make a request. Note: Drawing style limited at moment.
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Want to see more? Then check any of the Best of folders I have. There's Sonic, Silent Hill and the wonderful Klarion.


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I really, really, really wish I was an artist. I have so many great ideas for so many big time awesome pics and many ocs I want to see brought to life via drawings (and some I want to do a Tumblr ask/rp blog of) but I can’t do any of that stuff because I can’t draw to save my f-ing life and it gets to me cause I’d have to relay on others but I got no one to relay on for this and I’m scared to ask others for help cause I’ll likely appear selfish, greedy and be a burden to them due to the specific details I have with a lot of these pics as some are in a certain animation style. I’m patient on waiting for them but I don’t think that be enough to convince anyone to draw for me. It’s stuff like this that makes me wish I never had this big imagination.
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So I've gotten into what I consider some of the best animated films from last year and three of them (Wreck-It Ralph, Rise of The Guardians and Hotel Transylvania) have really gotten my interest so much that I've started AIM rps of them with my bf. Well I like what I've done with my bf in these rps a lot so I've decided to turn the rps into fan-fics which I'll be posting here on DA. Wreck-It Ralph has the most (though I need to re-get the rp from him as I lost it when my laptop got fixed -long story-) so I'll likely be putting up that one first but I might do Hotel Transylvania first as I've been watching the movie (three times so far) via Comcast On Demand so I'm in a big HT mood. Well either way I hope you all are looking forward to these upcoming fan-fics as I am with releasing them on here.
  • Mood: Cheerful
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Ok so if anyone has looked at my gallery and recent uploads then you know that I am a Brony. Well lately I've been in a MLP mood and when I can get them together will be bringing on some MLP pics (mostly via a pony creator until I can get the supplies to make the drawings I want) and fan-fics, among other things. I also got three songs in the work. The first being my fan-made song Shining Light's Hope then doing my versions of Youtuber Pinksey's Party Maybe… and BlueParatroopa's Our Town…. Now while watching MLP, I've come to notice that Discord has many similarities to Young Justice villain Klarion (obvious one being that their both chaos beings) which has lead me to come up with a fan-fic series of the two of them teaming up (seriously, why hasn't anyone else thought of this months ago?) to try to take over Equestria for The Light (they'll let Discord rule the world but as partners The Light will get to have some control over some part of the land in return) and get rid of The Mane Six who will join forces with The Team (once they arrive to Equestria and for the record this will be end of season 1 line-up *plus my ocs who became part of the group some time after the season one finale* as I am more use to that group -mostly cause I've watched my fav season one eps who knows how many times-) in order to stop their enemies before it's too late. I am really looking forward to this fan-fic as I am a big fan of both Discord and Klarion and as I am with Sideshow Bob, I believe I can do justice with how I portray everyone's favorite chaos devils. I will try to also make and put up pictures dealing with the fan-fic as well as my other one but anyone else on here is free to do a drawing dealing with one of my MLP fan-fics as long as they credit me and my story as well as putting in a link to whatever chapter the scene you draw is from. Also if one of my ocs is in the drawing please credit me for my oc. As for my other fan-fic. Well that one comes as the result of the ponified pics,, I made of me, my bf and my bff. My bf liked them a lot that we decided to do an AIM roleplay where we wind up in Equestria (one guess who sends us there) and accidentally get turned into ponies, making us having to live there. The villain that will be appearing most in this fic will be of course Discord as he is mine and my bf's fav villain from the series. I am also going to have Screwball in there as his daughter as I really like that aspect with that char and find it a very interesting and fun thing to do. This fic will also be making nods to other stuff in the Brony community. For example at a party Pinkie Pie throws for me, my bf and bff (to honor us becoming residents of Ponyville), one of the songs that will be performed at it will be Pony Rock Anthem… which for those that don't know was made by ShadyVox… and is of course a perfect song to be played at one of Pinkie's parties. Well then, hope you all are looking forward to my upcoming projects which will of course be added to my already long project list. :iconscrewballplz: :iconmlpdiscordplz: :iconklarionplz:
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I found out about an hour ago that legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong died at age 82. For those that don't know he was part of the space crew that were the first people to land on the moon in 1969 during that big space race with Russia and was the first person to step foot on the moon, uttering the now famous lines "One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.". He helped pioneer space travel and inspired many generations of children who would work hard to become an astronaut. I should also add that he wasn't the only one we lost this year as last month astronaut Sally Ride, the first woman to go into space passed away at age 61. Though this is sad as both are great heroes, their legacy will never be forgotten and will always be remembered in the years to come.
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Poll Results! Yay!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 11:58 PM
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The results from my polls are as followed.

Blossom - Dexter

Buttercup - Rainbow Dash

And that's the end result of my polls. Now I know a lot of you are wondering about with Bubbles. Well I'm making her be an angel in the pic. So till next time everyone and thanks for voting! Hope you're looking forward to the pic.

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